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What type of events are there to join?

A HL7 FHIR Connectathon is a collaborative event, usually focused on developing FHIR specifications for specific healthcare use cases and can include the development of:

Each use case is referred to as a Track, and each Track has a coordinator called a Track Lead. Connectathons are essential in the FHIR Community, as they enable all healthcare organisations (government entities, software vendors, peak organisations and others), to come together in one location to test, discuss and validate if their product’s data- exchange capabilities are interoperable with other products either in use or in development in the healthcare market.

Connectathons are a key step in the Standards Development Process, which will need to be linked to the Australian FHIR Community Process.

In addition to developing FHIR specifications, HL7 Australia Connectathons also
include presentations on the latest national and international interoperability and
standards trends in healthcare.

Connectathons will be held three times a year; March, August and November.

FHIR Meet ups
FHIR meet ups are a series of in person meet ups for Health IT developers, analysts,
architects, innovators, and entrepreneurs. FHIR meet ups will be held in every state within Australia and will be hosted by HL7 Australia members, vendors, government, and industry.

The main goal of the meet ups is to build a community and opportunities for likeminded FHIR experts to come together and encourage FHIR adoption in their region. For states with smaller FHIR expert numbers, HL7 Australia will partner with members in these smaller communities to increase activity. Each meet up will offer current factual FHIR updates, discuss opportunities and challenges that FHIR
implementers are experiencing.

HL7 Australia webinars allow members and other FHIR experts to have online real-time information sharing conversations about the latest FHIR trends. These webinars will be held post international HL7 webinars to inform the Australian cohort with the most recent global trends, initiatives, and activities.
Webinars will be hosted four to six times a year.


If you would like to sponsor a Connectathon, host a FHIR Meet up or would like a topic covered at a HL7 Australia webinar, please contact events@hl7.com.au