Welcome to HL7 Australia

Welcome to HL7 Australia. We are a membership-based not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee that exists to facilitate adoption of e-health in Australia by promoting effective use of standards and products developed by HL7 International and supporting their enhancement to meet local needs.

Health Level Seven® International (HL7®) is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health technology with members in over 40 countries.

About HL7 Australia

Australia has been an early driver for the internationalisation of HL7.

HL7 Australia began in Australia in 1998 under the auspices of Standards Australia IT-14 Health Informatics Committee.

In May 2002, it was first incorporated independently as the HL7 Australasia User Group.

In March 2010 the name changed to HL7 Australia;  and in December 2019 HL7 restructured, becoming a limited company.

HL7 Australia Ltd remains the local affiliate of HL7 International. Our members are representative of those using and benefiting from HL7 Standards in Australia. 

HL7 Australia Ltd continues to make an important and significant contribution to the work of HL7 International and global health informatics standards development more generally.


HL7 Australia’s objects are to:

  • Promote effective use of HL7 International standards and products
  • Support and promote interoperability of health information systems
  • Promote the widespread, consistent use of standards developed by HL7 International and by HL7 Australia across the Australian health sector
  • Be recognised as the principal body in Australia promoting the development, understanding and adoption of standards developed by HL7 International and HL7 Australia
  • Be a respected and influential body in Australia and internationally in the health information industry


Create a collaborative and open community, developing interoperability standards and promoting their adoption to support and enhance world leading healthcare in Australia


Since the late 2020 the Board of HL7 Australia convened a series of workshops with members and stakeholders to input into a strategy for the company for the coming three years (2023-2025).

Four strategic objectives emerged:

  1. Position HL7 in national framework for interoperability standards
  2. Support development of localised standards
  3. Grow our community
  4. Promote adoption and conformance to HL7 AU standards

For each of these strategic objectives, a series of actions and deliverables have been identified and indicative prioritisation given to these. To view the 2023-25 strategic plan please click below.

HL7 Australia Strategic Priorities 2023-2025.

View our submission for the national interoperability plan for Australia here.

HL7 Australia Limited (ABN 37 629 010 297)

Constitution and Policies

HL7 Australia Limited (HL7 Australia) is incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) as an Australian public company limited by guarantee and is governed in accordance with its Constitution and By-laws.

To view the Constitution of HL7 Australia Limited click here.

To view the latest version of the By-laws of HL7 Australia click here.

In order to carry out its functions and activities, HL7 Australia collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information as set out in its Privacy Policy, and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.  To view a copy of the HL7 Australia Privacy Policy click here.

Standards and other intellectual property held by HL7 Australia represent goodwill created by our members, collaborators and stakeholders over many years. To protect the contributions of our stakeholders and the rights of HL7 Australia, the acquisition, use and distribution of HL7 Australia copyright material and trademarks are subject to the HL7 Australia Intellectual Property Policy, the latest edition of which may be accessed here.

Under its affiliate agreement with Health Level Seven International (“HL7 International”), HL7 Australia is recognized as the HL7 Affiliate for Australia, which gives HL7 Australia and its members rights to participate directly in HL7 International’s standards development work to take part in other HL7 International activities and to access and use its standards.  More information on HL7 International and its activities may be accessed here.

Trademarks owned by HL7 International include; HL7®, HEALTH LEVEL SEVEN®, FHIR® and the FHIR flame design. Any use of HL7 International’s intellectual property and trademarks should comply with HL7 International’s IP Policy, Guide to Using HL7 Trademarks and the FHIR Trademark Policy.

Your use of HL7 Australia facilities (including this website and other HL7 Australia web pages as identified in the HL7 Australia IP Policy), your access to and use of HL7 Australia standards and other publications, and your participation in HL7 Australia activities is subject to your agreement to applicable terms and conditions as set out in the HL7 Australia Constitution, the HL7 Australia By-laws, the policies identified above, and any specific terms and conditions, notices or licenses applicable to such use of facilities, access and use of publications, or participation in activities.

HL7 Australia Board

The HL7 Australia Board is a volunteer board responsible for supporting a collaborative and open community in Australia to develop interoperability standards.

The members of the HL7 Australia Board for 2022/23 are:

Isobel Frean

HL7 Australia Chair

Senior Consultant Digital Health CRC
Term expires: AGM 2024

Reuben Daniels

Ordinary Director

Principal Consultant, Saludax
Term expires: AGM 2025


Kate Ebrill

Ordinary Director

Interoperability Lead CSIRO and Lead Sparked
Term expires: AGM 2025

David Pare

Director of Membership

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & VP of products
Term expires: AGM 2024

Clinton Hart

Clinton Hart

Ordinary Director & HL7 Australia Secretary

Director Enterprise Architecture at eHealth NSW
Term expires: AGM 2024

Brett Esler

Brett Esler

Ordinary Director Consultant

Term expires: AGM 2024

Rupert Lee

Ordinary Director

General Manager of Enterprise Solutions and Growth at Telstra Health Term expires: AGM 2025

Robi Karp

Ordinary Director & Treasurer

CEO, Fluffy Spider Technologies
Term expires: AGM 2025

FHIR Management Framework for the governance of FHIR standards development in Australia

The Australian FHIR Management Framework is established to govern FHIR standards development in Australia. Its aim is to take HL7 International processes and apply them to the Australian environment. The goal is to consolidate, expand and enhance the Australian FHIR community in developing and supporting healthcare interoperability.
The AFMF comprises an Australian FHIR Community Process (AFCP) modelled heavily on and consistent with HL7 International’s FCP Community Process and is guided and managed by an Australian FHIR Coordination Committee (AFCC), a committee delegated by HL7 Australia to oversee the ongoing development and application of the AFMF.
The audience for the framework is those currently or looking to become engaged in the development and implementation of FHIR specifications and those analysing or supporting digital health standardisation in Australia. 
Following a public review, version 2.0 of the AFMF is now available, describing both the AFCP and the AFCC in further detail. You can provide comments using the following avenues:

HL7 Australia Standards Work Groups

HL7 Australia has two Work Groups, broadly modelled after their HL7 International counterparts, these are:

  • FHIR Work Group
  • HL7V2 Work Group

HL7 Australia Work Groups, modelled after their HL7 International counterparts are:  

FHIR Work Group (FWG): oversees and coordinates the technical efforts related to the development of HL7 FHIR standards in Australia.  

The FWG oversees the development of AU-realm specific HL7 FHIR consensus-based standards specifications.

The FWG develops and maintains the processes HL7 AU follows to develop standards. The broad structure is based on HL7 International and the separation of governance, management, and methodology.

The FWG oversees the development of methodologies and work processes to be used by the Work Group in developing HL7 consensus-based standards specifications.

The FWG Co-chairs are:


Refer to HL7 Australia’s Work Group Governance for more information on Co-chair appointments. 

HL7 V2 Work Group (HL7V2WG): oversees and coordinates the technical efforts related to the development of HL7 V2 standards in Australia.

The HL7V2WG will maintain and align V2 content with national requirements.

If you are interested in nominating as a co-chair, please email us at admin@hl7.com.au

The Board of HL7 Australia expresses thanks to individuals and their supporting organisations for their participation and contribution to the development of Australian standards in healthcare.


The Board is planning a program of monthly events for members and interested parties. Keep an eye on our News posts for updates.

To view the 2024 HL7 Events Calendar please click here.

To view the HL7 International calendar of events please click here.

To view our Sponsorships Packages please click here.

HL7 Australia & HL7 New Zealand Debrief on HL7 International Jan 2024 WGM

Date: Thursday 8 February 2024 1:00pm – 2:30pm AEDT | 3:00pm – 4:30pm NZDT

To view the agenda & access joining details please click here 

HL7 Australia Annual General Meeting 2023

Date: Wednesday 6 September 2023 3:00pm –  4:00pm

To view the slides presented by the Board to the 2023 AGM please click here

HL7 Australia – Building FHIR Implementations in Australia

Date: Wednesday 6 September 2023 4:00pm – 5:00pm

To view the recording of this open meeting click here.

To view the slides presented at the webinar click here.

Australian & New Zealand experiences of the September 2023 HL7 International Connectathon & Working Group Meeting (WGM) in Phoenix, USA 

Date: Friday 29 September 2023 1:00pm –  2:30pm

Register to attend online here.

Melbourne HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon 2023

Date: Monday 20 November 2023 9:00am – 5:00pm to Tuesday 21 November 2023 9:00am – 4:00pm

Where:  Melbourne Connect, 700  Swanston Street, Carlton VIC 3053 

Register to attend in person here.

HL7 AU & HL7 NZ Joint Symposium 2024

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2024 

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (AEDT)

Where: Kimpton Margot Sydney, Room: Hammond 1, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

For more information please visit HL7 Australia’s affiliate page on confluence 

Sydney HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon 2024

Date: Thursday, 21 March 2024 – Friday 22 March 2024 

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (AEDT) 

Where: Kimpton Margot Sydney, Room: Hammond 3, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.  

For more information please visit HL7 Australia’s affiliate page on confluence.

Webinar: Overview Australian & New Zealand experiences of the May 2024 HL7 Working Group Meeting (WGM)

Date: Wednesday 5 June 2024 

Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am (AEST) 

Where: Online

For more information please visit HL7 Australia’s Webinars webpage on Confluence.

Brisbane HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon 2024

Date: Wednesday 21 August 2024 – Thursday 22 August 2024 

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (AEST) 

Where: Level 4, 275 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

For more information please visit HL7 Australia’s webpage on Confluence.

Melbourne HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon 2024

Date: Thursday 12 December 2024 – Friday 13 December 2024 

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (AEDT)

Where: Melbourne Connect, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC 3053

For more information please visit HL7 Australia’s webpage on Confluence.

Training - Online Courses

Introducing our Online Courses where we will provide the latest information on registrations and details.

Honorary Life Members

In recognition of their sustained contribution and commitment to the development of HL7 standards, HL7 Australia recognises the following individuals as honorary life members:

  • Grahame Grieve
  • Heather Grain
  • Vince McCauley
  • Richard Dixon-Hughes
  • Trish Williams


Life Membership is conferred on an individual by the Board (by simple majority) at a General Meeting.

Upcoming Events
AU FHIR Work Group & Sparked Technical Design Groups August 2024

AU FHIR Work Group & Sparked Technical Design Groups August 2024

August 2024 in-person AU FHIR Work Group & Sparked Technical Design Groups
HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon Brisbane 2024

HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon Brisbane 2024

Join us for the HL7 AU FHIR Connectathon Brisbane 2024, a fantastic 2 day in-person event for Developers to connect!

Legal Obligations of HL7 Australia Membership

Since 2019, HL7 Australia as an association limited by guarantee which places us under federal legislation that clearly outlines all member and director rights and responsibilities. We suggest you familiarise yourself with the rules governing our new association here.

We wish to draw your attention to the obligation that HL7 Australia now carries to make primary contact details of all members available to every member. This is to allow any member to gain enough support to call a General Meeting. By becoming a member, you agree to your contact details being shared in line with federal legislation.

To view our by-laws click here.

To view our Constitution click here.

Become a member with HL7 Australia here or learn more about the Membership here.


HL7 standards support clinical practice and the management, delivery, and evaluation of health services, and are recognized as the most commonly used in the world.

To view and access HL7 International Standards click here.
To view the list of active HL7 International work groups click here.
For more information about the HL7 standards process, please read Understanding the Standards Process.

To access localised HL7 standards and the Australian Base FHIR Implementation Guide click here.



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