2024 Joint HL7 Australia & HL7 New Zealand Webinar 

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The purpose of this free webinar is for HL7 AU & NZ members and interested individuals to hear from the Australian and New Zealand delegates attending the 18-24 May 2024 HL7 International Working Group Meeting; and to receive updates from HL7 International Divisional Leads: 


HL7 International holds its working group meetings (WGM) three times per year. Unlike the January 2024 meeting, the May 2024 meeting was held in person in Dallas, with Australia and New Zealand well represented. Topics to be covered in this debriefing will include: 


Webinar Details:

5 June 2024

08.00 – 09.30 AEST

10.00-11.30 NZST

06.00 – 7.30 AWST

Event recording on confluence