International Conference
& Working Group

Sunday – Friday, February 2-7, 2020
Sydney, Australia


About the International Working Group Meeting and Connectathon

HL7 Australia is thrilled to be able to bring to Sydney the International Working Group Meeting and Connectathon.

It has been almost 10 years since we hosted the International community.  The event is an excellent opportunity for the Healthcare Informatics community to meet with experts in FHIR and HL7 from around the world.

As well as offering four days of Working Groups and the two days of Connectathon meetings, this Event also offers a broad range of sessions for both the beginner and those who wish to enhance their existing skills with advanced courses in FHIR. 

Event tickets selling fast! Register now so you don’t miss out.

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Networking Cruise

Wednesday night, enjoy networking with colleagues from Australian and Around the world on the stunning Sydney Harbour cruise. Enjoy a 3 hour cruise, restaurant dinner experience, premium beers and wines in this all-inclusive package for just $280 AUD



The Connectathon provides a great opportunity for FHIR implementers and developers to gain hands-on experience developing FHIR-based solutions through participation in one of many available tracks. 

The Connectathon brings experts from the international FHIR community to Sydney and offers an opportunity to test your FHIR knowledge and implementation.  The event consists of community members who are interested in continual validation and testing of the standard specification.  It is a practical hands on experience with the standard that should not be missed.

You will be supported with shared registries,  testing environments and expert track leaders as you validate standards specifications.

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2 days 

$1785 AUD


2 days 

$2295 AUD

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Working Group Meeting

Tuesday - Friday

The Working Groups are dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information.  Their aim is to support clinical practice, management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. Join the HL7 International Conference & Working Group Meeting in Sydney, Australia to network, learn and influence the creation of practical health data interoperability standards. We can digitally manage almost every aspect of our lives. But healthcare is not a part of this yet.  Be part of this change and book your spot today.

Event tickets selling fast! Register now so you don’t miss out.


4 days
$1650 AUD


2 days
$2475 AUD

Educational Sessions


Our event offers 4 and a half days of sessions catering for those who are beginners in using the standards and those who are more proficient.

The week begins with an introduction to FHIR, CDA and HL7 version 2.  The FIHR introduction sessions provides the foundation to the more specialised sessions starting Wednesday.  Whether you are a beginner or someone more proficient in FHIR, there is a session offering to suit your needs. 

The sessions offer a once in a decade change to start the week as an FHIR novice and end the week with the skills and knowledge, gained from FHIR experts from around the globe, to take your organisation to the next level.

Educational Sessions

Starting from

$450 AUD

Getting FHIRed Up!


As a clinician do you want to be able to:

  • Participate in the development of Interoperabiity standards?
  • Use specialised products which can integrate within your existing electronic medical record?
  • Seamlessly exchange information with consumers and other healthcare providers?
  • Develop new tools, such as clinical support, smart forms, applications that fit within your clinical workflow?



Use Discount Code FHIRMEUP for 50% off $500 to $250 until January 10 When booked as a single day. 

This workshop is for you!

Clinicians are central to code signing interoperable digital solutions that can integrate within the clinical workflow and deliver benefit to clinicians and consumers.

FHIR is an enabling standard to support these solutions.

This day is for all clinicians across the healthcare ecosystem, who want to understand the role and benefit of FHIR.

Morning Session

Introduction to FHIR
What is it?
What is our role in development?
What is the benefit to us and our patients?
Why do we need it?
Clinicians using FHIR
Data modelling in FHIR

Afternoon Session

FHIR in Action
intro to Smart on FHIR
CDS Hooks
FHIR Questionnaires
Terminology and FHIR
Panel Discussion

Business Process Management for Healthcare (BPM+ Health) Industry Workshop


Building on over two years of collaborative engagement, the OMG has just launched the Business Process Management Plus (BPM+) Health community in September 2019, and this is the first major event since that launch.

“Clinical healthcare providers have been challenged to leverage and disseminate evidence-based best practices at the point of care and serve an increasingly mobile patient population as it navigates among sites and institutions of care.”

BPM+ Health is addressing these concerns head-on by leveraging of open, standards-based notations brought together under the umbrella of a style guide which allows professional organizations, clinical societies, and healthcare providers to document their care pathways and workflows in a way that allows them to be shared across organizational boundaries, more internally consistent than their predecessor formats, and more easily and accurately consumed by care providers.

The Object Management Group (OMG) is pleased to be able to partner with HL7 Australia to present this event, the first of its kind outside of North America. 


Use Discount Code OMGWHAT for 50% off $500 to $250 until January 10 When booked as a single day.


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