Annual Membership Cost

Membership costs are based on a twelve-monthly rate, which varies according to the membership tier selected. Members can elect to pay up to 18 months in advance by arrangement.

HL7 Australia is required under the constitution to charge all new members a one-off fee of $10 that limits your liability as a member to $10. Once paid, this fee will not be charged on renewal of a membership. For accounting purposes please note this payment is GST exempt.

A policy decision of HL7 Australia is to charge all members that are not renewing their membership a $10 administration fee (inc GST). This will be taken from the initial $10 deposit to simplify administration, rather than refunding that $10 deposit on lapse or termination of membership.

Membership entitles members to:


The Board of HL7 Australia comprises eight volunteer Directors.

Office bearers include a chairperson, secretary, treasurer and director of membership.

The Board is responsible for managing and directing the activities of HL7 Australia to achieve the objective of facilitating adoption of e-health in Australia by promoting effective use of standards and products developed by HL7 International and supporting enhancement of these products and services to meet the needs of Australia.

The present Board has been meeting every two weeks via virtual meetings.

HL7 Australia Constitution

In December 2019, HL7 Australia restructured, becoming a limited company. To view the Constitution oh HL7 Australia Limited click here.

To view the By-laws of HL7 Australia click here.

Previous AGM Report

Members can access past AGM Reports on the members-only section of the website.