Before becoming a member, you need to understand the following:

  1. HL7 Australia’s corporate entity is a Limited by Liability company, and the associated laws state that members contact details must be made available to all members; therefore by becoming a member, you agree to all other members having access to your name, physical and email address.
  2. We suggest you visit our Membership Types page and familiarise yourself with the different types before becoming a member.
  3. The very first time anyone becomes a member, the corporate law requires HL7 Australia to charge an additional fee of $10.00 GST Exempt for the Limit of Liability element. This is a one-off fee and is not charged for renewal of a membership.
  4. If a member does not renew their membership, a fee of $10.00 inc GST will apply, however it will be credited from the Limit of Liability fee paid when you first became a member.

Step 1: Choose a Membership Type

Step 2: Enter your Details and Choose Payment Method